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Ladenburg Thalmann Annuity Insurance Services LLC Hires Christopher Fleurat as Sales Vice President

(Birmingham, AL, October 18, 2018) –LTAIS, a subsidiary of Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services, Inc., announced today that Christopher Fleurat has joined the company as Sales Vice President. In this position, Mr. Fleurat will be responsible for annuity distribution in the south-west region of the U.S., working closely with independent producers, national institutions, and broker-dealers. Mr. […]

Deferred Income Annuities as Longevity Insurance

With retirement costs and life expectancies increasing, the biggest concern for many retirees is the possibility of outliving their income. To address that specific concern, Deferred Income Annuities (DIAs) were introduced as a form of “longevity insurance” in 2012. For retirees who want to maximize their future income, while protecting against extended longevity, DIAs provide […]

Using a QLAC to Stretch Your RMDs and Protect Against Longevity

The tax code allows you to defer taxes on your qualified retirement plans until you start taking withdrawals when you retire. As the term “defer” implies, the government intends to collect taxes on your retirement income at some point. To ensure that taxes can’t be deferred forever, it came up with the Required Minimum Distribution […]

Annuities as a Bond Alternative

Bond investors, or investors considering adding bonds to their investment portfolio, are in a pickle. After near three decades of declining bond yields, they’ve hit rock bottom. That’s great if you have been holding bonds during that period because the decrease in bond yields pushed bond prices to record highs. However, with bond yields still […]

Transferring Pension Risk through Buyout and Buy-in Arrangements

Companies seeking to reduce costs continue to offload pension liabilities at a record pace. Pension buyouts swelled to $23 billion in 2017, a 68 percent increase over the prior year. With rising interest rates and lower corporate taxes, an increasing number of companies are seeing their pension funding levels rise enough to make transferring their […]

The Impact of the New Tax Bill on Annuities

The highly anticipated Tax Cuts and Job Act signed into law in December 2018 is the most significant tax legislation enacted since the 1980s. Most taxpayers across the spectrum – both individual and business – come out ahead with the reduction in tax rates, the increase in the standard deduction, and the business income deduction […]

Sweep the Gains from Equity Positions Into an FIA

For Investors on the glide path to retirement, they have a nine-year bull market to thank for rescuing their retirement plans. In 2017, the surging stock market produced double-digit gains in all sectors except energy, which means, if you were invested in stocks, you did well. For pre-retirees preparing to transition into retirement over the […]